Le Tixerant Girth Update

I recently heard a rumor that this girth might be discontinued, so I called Mikmar, the company that puts it out, and they informed me they have no plans to discontinue it. If you're interested in more information of this amazing piece of tack, or if you'd like to purchase one direct from the company, you can follow this link:


I do question having the likes of Amy Tryon (not known for her humane treatment of horses) as a spokesperson, but I suppose they were going for any familiar faces they could get. It certainly doesn't diminish the effectiveness of this design - I highly recommend it, not just for girthy horses, but for difficult-to-fit horses, especially those with broad backs who usually have their girths cranked up in a attempt to keep the saddle in place. But I think it could benefit just about any horse. From what I've seen from experimenting with our own horses, they all seem freer and looser in their backs and shoulders, something I think we all strive for in our training, and are much more willing to stretch forward and down when allowed. I am looking forward to trying it over fences some day...

Even more miraculous, Donnie, who has not been able to tolerate any form of girth or surcingle without erupting in a panic attack/bucking fit for the last 4 years, is now able to be saddled normally and will trot relaxed on the longe, stretching long and low and licking and chewing the whole time. If that's not an endorsement, I don't know what is!

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