non-fiction, horsemanship

non-fiction, horsemanship

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On the Bit

The Five Rein Aids Demystified:

Control, Contact, and Collection for Every Rider

The subject of the aids, and rein aids in particular, remains such a mystery to so many riders and trainers that they have developed around them almost an aura of mystery—even mysticism.  Unable to solve this mystery, many riders and trainers resort to brute force, employing harsh bits, auxiliary reins, and gadgets.   

But there is another way.  A simpler, gentler way, time-tested and proven over centuries.  It requires no advanced training for the horse, and it requires no force, specialized bits or tack, or years of study under a “great master.”

The proper application of the reins is neither mystical nor forceful.  It's merely a matter of understanding the basics of equine bio-mechanics, then developing an awareness of the horse's mouth and our influence on his balance.

It's an art, but one we may all master.  This book is intended to help the rider do just that.