Training & Instruction



Whether starting a young horse, refining work with a veteran, or looking to work through an issue with a so-called “problem horse,” Jacquie will help devise a program to suit the unique needs of your horse.


In-hand/Longe session. 15-20 minutes - $50

Riding Lesson. 30 minutes - $85

Training Session. 30 minutes - $100


riding instruction

Experienced instruction in hunt seat equitation, jumping, dressage, and hacking field & trail, all with an emphasis on developing an independent seat and light aids.


Riding Lesson. 30 minutes - $85

Riding Lesson. 60 minutes - $100



Bringing a horse back to work after an injury, illness, or poor training can be a daunting prospect, requiring patience, sensitivity, and most of all experience. Jacquie has all three, and has successfully rehabbed dozens of horses.


Pricing varies. Please call for details.