Meet the Horses



Blue is a 20 yr old APHA gelding. He’s been with us since he’s four years old and he’s the glue that holds our little herd together. Blue is the most unique character we’ve ever met. He is always wandering off from the herd to do his own thing, and it’s not unusual for him to stay out for the night by himself, or to come up to the barn and ask to come in for a nap in his stall when the rest of the herd is out! Blue is an individual—always has been, always will be—and we love him for it!



Grady is an 18 yr old Irish sport horse gelding we adopted in 2009. He was imported as a jumper but due to bad training, poor shoeing, and shivers, he had stopped jumping for his previous owners so they just gave him away. Their loss was our gain! Grady’s feet are much better now and he goes barefoot, we manage his shivers with diet, supplements, and turnout, and he’s got a home for life with us. He’s a gentle giant and one of the sweetest horses you could ever meet.



Sami is a 15 year old Arabian gelding we rescued 10 years ago when his previous owner became ill and could no longer care for her 14 horses. He was a 5 yr old stallion who had lived months if not years in an un-mucked stall with his feet badly overgrown. I think it’s safe to say he’s happier where he is now! Sami is the kind of horse who makes friends with all the other horses who come along, and if anyone is upset or not feeling well, he’s the first one on the scene to stay with his buddy. Everyone needs a Sami in their herd…



Rosie is a 12 year old AQHA mare who came to us last year. She had a career showing in western pleasure and had very little English schooling, but is a very smart girl and very eager to learn. Being a pampered show horse, she’s taken a little while to learn all about going out in a herd, and staying out all day and sometimes all night. But she’s a lot tougher than she looks and it hasn’t taken long for her to let the boys know who’s really in charge!



Hanz, the latest addition to our herd, is a 12 year old Mecklenburger gelding who came to us this fall. Imported from Germany, his previous owner hunter paced him before leaving for college and sadly giving up riding. We couldn’t be happier to have Hanz in our barn. He needs a bit of schooling, but he’s a sweetheart with a steady, brave disposition and he’s a blast to ride!

more to come…