Anyone who doesn't wear a helmet is a helmet


the dressage world's uneasy relationship with helmets

My father sent me an interesting article from the New York Times today.

While some riders are catching on, some dressage riders still succumb to their immature fear of looking like "dorks," for wearing a helmet.  High school peer pressure is alive and well, even at the highest levels of the sport.  And these people are heroes and role models to some...

Has no one clued them in to the fact that they look no less dorky riding around on prancing carousel-like horses wearing top hats of all things?  No one is going to look cool in one of those things.  "Dorkiness" kinda comes with the territory, and we've all signed up knowing that.  Get over it.  As my dad said, in his own special way: "Anyone who doesn't wear a helmet is a helmet." Thanks, dad!

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