Horse Abuse Brings Felony Charges

The Chicago Sun-Times reported today that, acting on a tip, Cook County sherrif's police raided a boarding stable, seized several undernourished and badly neglected horses and took the stable's owner and caretaker into custody. Two of the horses were in such bad condition they had to be euthanized. According to the article, "[e]ach man faces four counts of felony aggravated animal abuse."

I can only say that I am grateful local law enforcement has stepped in here, and hope these individuals are punished accordingly and made an example of. But, at the same time, it also shows how animal welfare issues cannot be left solely to law enforcement because, as in this case, help almost always comes too late. And with the vast majority of people in this country facing long-term economic stress or hardship, I fear we will be hearing more stories of abuse and neglect in the future.

Follow the link above to read the article and watch a video of the horses being rescued.

Equine Rescuejm elliott