Are We an Endangered Species?

Are we on the way to creating a world where there is no more room for horses? In a practical sense, I think we may be. This is hardly news to some of us, but someone sent me this article form the LA Times, and I thought I'd pass it along, since it's something that affects all of us in one way or another. I know this is a huge problem on the East Coast as well; nearly all of the stables where I rode and boarded years ago have now been demolished to make way for encroaching development, not to mention the trails that have been destroyed or made forbidden to horses. Or, in some cases, the stables remain but the surrounding pastures are sold off for houses and condos; the horses must live in their stalls more or less 24 hours a day which, in a way, is worse. Is this happening in your area too? Have you felt the squeeze of development on your equestrian pursuits? Is there anything we can do about it?

Equestrian culture may be fading into the sunset

...the vanishing of horses is a sign that 'we are separated from the land. . . . People are afraid of the dirt. They are afraid of the dark. They have no sense of their place in the natural world.'